Lead-Acid Battery charger | 2/6/12 V


EAN code : 5412810284245

Brand: NEDIS

Categories product: Energie / Incarcatoare / Plumb acid
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This charger charges all 2 / 6 / 12V DC sealed lead acid batteries between 2.2Ah and 10Ah automatically. When connected battery is fully charged, charging current is reduced to prevent overcharging. Automatic voltage and current control ensures that the connected battery stays completely charged and overcharging as well as gas development is prevented. Provided with short circuit and wrong polarity protection. In case of connecting the battery with wrong polarity, the red LED will burn and charging current will be cut off. • Input voltage:230 V AC • Output voltage:2,6 and 12 V • Charging current:600 mA • Capacity: 2.2 - 10.0 Ah

Diametru37 Milimetru mm
*Wire diameter  0.6 Milimetru mm
Înaltime12 Milimetru mm
*Internal Resistance  0.6 Ohm
Valoare0.33 mH
Unit Contains
BO2 10 buc.
BOX 20 BO2

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